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Why volunteer?

Learn new things that could be useful for job applications, or simply keeping your brain on-the-go. 

Boost your confidence and get new life experiences

Make new friends and contacts and meet people you might never normally come across

Many opportunities will help you get outdoors and stay active. And if you can’t be physically active your brain will definitely get a workout!

Many community projects could not happen without the help and support of people like you.

Show that you care about the community and have a sense of civic pride. 

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Good Neighbour Scheme

The Good Neighbour Scheme provides day to day support for others in our community. This can include activities such as delivering shopping to people who may not be able to get it themselves, helping someone with their gardening, picking up a prescription, or even just having a chat and a cup of tea. The project aims to ensure people aren’t alone and have prompt access to support when they need it; particularly those who are cut off at home without friends and family nearby. Volunteers do not offer specialist care or play any role which should be left to a professional but when members of the community need a bit of extra assistance to live their lives, our Haverhill team of Good Neighbours is there to help.

Frequently asked questions

There are many different opportunities on offer. Some require a regular time commitment eg. weekly or monthly, others can be done at home when you have the time. Alternatively, there is ‘event volunteering’ which involves helping at one off or annual events. Whatever time you have can be of use.

Yes definitely. What has made you decide to volunteer? You may already have interests which you would enjoy sharing with others. Perhaps you enjoy spending time with older people or passing on skills to the younger generation. You may prefer being outdoors or working with animals or fundraising, there is something for everyone.

This will depend on the role you choose. You may choose a role where you can use skills gained in your personal or working life. If it is a new interest or experience appropriate training will be offered.

There are usually many roles available. If you do not see anything suitable, ring us to discuss your interests and we will support you to find a suitable opportunity.

You will be invited for an informal chat about the expectations of your volunteering role. In addition, some organisations may wish to conduct an interview in line with their policies and procedures.

It will depend on the volunteering role. If you are working with finances or vulnerable people you will need a DBS or enhanced DBS check which will be arranged for you. (A DBS check is a criminal record check. It is obtained from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).